Cedone port is a city of … still a large town with walls more than a city.

A. Caravan’s Rest: A whole street where the poor, the travelers and the weary can camp

B. The Stable

C. Shipyard

D. The Thirsty Sailor Inn
Location : South of the city, near the docks. The street outside is filled with the scent of burning wood.

In front of the Inn, there is a large strange skull hanging over the main door. The inn is a two storey timber framed building, with a reinforced wooden door and a large cellar. It’s speciality is smoked seafood.

The innkeeper is an overweight elf nick-named Care. He was once an adventurer, but was maimed in an expedition and had to retire. Dark long brown hair, fan of wine and sweets.

E. Goffi’s Emporium: Goffi Anders, Male Gnome Merchant. Has a square face with black hair and sharp green eyes. The shop is a stone and wood building with mosaic floor. It appears to be unusually busy. The shop keeper has a young daughter, Karsi, that idolizes adventurers.

F. Mausoleum

G. Fisherman’s Row
Argo, Male Human Shipledger. Argo has pepper hair and light blue eyes. He wears plain clothing and carries a long knife. Argo is also a skilled actor.
Svencin, Female Half-Orc Professional. Svencin has a round face, with auburn hair and bright havel eyes. She wears modest garnments and a sling of pouches. Svencin is a pack-rat and carries a satchel of random junk.

H. Militia


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